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ihatethisihatethisihatethis - christi

May. 24th, 2006 06:50 pm ihatethisihatethisihatethis

*whimper* I've got no ****ing clue how to answer this question I keep getting from a speaker. Now, I think her request is perfectly reasonable (although, I do question the timing) and we have no ****ing excuse not to be able to provide her with her request. She's not the only one who's asked for this equipment. They should have known that there was someone who needed this equipment ages ago. It should be a simple matter of taking it out of one room and moving it down one flight of stairs in the ungodly timeframe of 30 minutes.

I HATE dealing with incompetence! I have printed out and given some of the other people information multiple times and been accused of not doing it... and then I find the print outs sitting in plain sight in the office. I've gotten people calling me for information that isn't in any of the records I've gotten and the people that should have had the information in the first place are surprised when I give them the information again. You took the bloody phone call in the first place, why don't you have a record of it?!?!

So, I'm dealing with someone who wants a guarantee that she will have equipment that there is no reasonable excuse for her not to have. But there is no way in the deepest darkest reaches of hell that I'm going to make that guarantee. I've done everything I possibly can short of going to the site and making sure it's there myself. (And I'm trying hard to work that one out.. my boss is coming back this way tomorrow and said if I can arrange babysitting he can get me there... so I'm desperately calling parents I know who I think have even the remotest chance of babysitting my two fallen angels for 3 days...) But, if I give the speaker the most honest answer I have I risk my job... and risk losing the speaker. My boss doesn't want anyone to get the impression that we don't know what we're doing... golly gee... it would be the correct impression. I can't tell the speaker there is no logical reason why she shouldn't have it. I'm pissed as hell that my boss tried to get me to tell her that she should just bring her own equipment. I did ask him what was so hard about it and didn't get an answer.

I was in the bloody office Monday going over the needs of the speakers. I asked the other boss if we had this piece of equipment. (As I said, this one speaker isn't the only one who's asked for it.) I was told that yes we did. But when I tell that to the boss I deal with most, his response was basically that he never got the information. WTF am I supposed to do?!?!?! He complains when I call him about this stuff, but the information never gets to him if I don't.


Things like this just make me want to curl up in a ball and let everything go to pieces. But with my luck, I'll get blamed for it when it all falls apart. (Come to think of it, at one point, I was told if this conference failed it would be all my fault.)

Someone shoot me now and put me out of my misery!

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