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More insanity - christi

May. 23rd, 2006 05:09 pm More insanity

I just got an email from a speaker (who no one else likes dealing with) asking a ton of questions. Now, this is the day before the conference officially starts. Almost all of our staff is going to the site as I type. The site has crappy cell phone reception. Not exactly the best time...

So the speaker wants to know if she sends pdfs if we could print them and guarantee they are available at the conference. Not bloody likely. I told her I could print them, but not get them there. Well... that wasn't entirely true. I could almost certainly arrange for someone to take them up Friday or Saturday, but it would involve dealing with an ex who does not (and never did) understand the meaning of no and who has crossed many boundaries that I don't think anyone should have to state. 'nuf said on that. (That's a whooooole other story. OMG *rolls eyes*)

And she wants to know if she can get reimbursed if she prints them out herself... Yeah, right. I can't get paid a living wage... hell, I don't even get paid minimum wage when you consider how many hours I put in.

And, there are all sorts of questions I've got no idea about. And why should I. I'm the WEBMASTER, not the conference organizer. (Well, not officially at least... although it does feel like it most days.) How am I supposed to know how many people are going to attend her talk or how many people the room holds? I've never even seen the rooms, nor will I any time soon. (Kids not allowed on site, hence single parents are excluded... or at least single parents in my income bracket.)

Current Mood: amused, frustrated

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