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Jun. 16th, 2007 09:28 am Great news

Well, I may be getting rid of the troublesome client soon.

I have a job interview Monday!!!!!!!!!!!

If I get the job I'll be working as an advocate for special kids, which is like a dream job for me. I sent off my resume and cover letter a few days ago and got a call back from the deputy director a few hours later. She loved it so much she just has to interview me!

If anyone reads this before the interview keep me in your thoughts and/or pray to whatever diety/dieties are listening to you these days.

I'm so excited and nervous and starting to panic just a wee bit.

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May. 24th, 2006 07:27 pm even more insanity

Gotta love this. An attendee emailed one of the office staff who a) does not read email to begin with and b) is not in the office since she's already at the conference, complaining about not getting directions and a schedule or a confirmation. I just emailed her back and told a bit of a fib... I told her some confirmations didn't get out. Actually, no confirmations got mailed. (I offered to type up confirmations for attendees. I typed up a letter for the speakers.) The thing that really gets me though is the fact that anyone got the idea that they would actually get a schedule before getting to the conference. *rolls eyes* Please. I had to fight to get them to agree to put out any sort of schedule. "But [the previous organizer] never put out a schedule." Makes me want to throttle someone. The previous organizer did not use the web. His only advertisment was ads that were printed well before the conference.

Part of me wonders if the people that vetoed my idea for how to publish the schedule (which is exactly how I did it LAST year) ever noticed that I did it anyway.

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May. 24th, 2006 06:50 pm ihatethisihatethisihatethis

*whimper* I've got no ****ing clue how to answer this question I keep getting from a speaker. Now, I think her request is perfectly reasonable (although, I do question the timing) and we have no ****ing excuse not to be able to provide her with her request. She's not the only one who's asked for this equipment. They should have known that there was someone who needed this equipment ages ago. It should be a simple matter of taking it out of one room and moving it down one flight of stairs in the ungodly timeframe of 30 minutes.

I HATE dealing with incompetence! I have printed out and given some of the other people information multiple times and been accused of not doing it... and then I find the print outs sitting in plain sight in the office. I've gotten people calling me for information that isn't in any of the records I've gotten and the people that should have had the information in the first place are surprised when I give them the information again. You took the bloody phone call in the first place, why don't you have a record of it?!?!

So, I'm dealing with someone who wants a guarantee that she will have equipment that there is no reasonable excuse for her not to have. But there is no way in the deepest darkest reaches of hell that I'm going to make that guarantee. I've done everything I possibly can short of going to the site and making sure it's there myself. (And I'm trying hard to work that one out.. my boss is coming back this way tomorrow and said if I can arrange babysitting he can get me there... so I'm desperately calling parents I know who I think have even the remotest chance of babysitting my two fallen angels for 3 days...) But, if I give the speaker the most honest answer I have I risk my job... and risk losing the speaker. My boss doesn't want anyone to get the impression that we don't know what we're doing... golly gee... it would be the correct impression. I can't tell the speaker there is no logical reason why she shouldn't have it. I'm pissed as hell that my boss tried to get me to tell her that she should just bring her own equipment. I did ask him what was so hard about it and didn't get an answer.

I was in the bloody office Monday going over the needs of the speakers. I asked the other boss if we had this piece of equipment. (As I said, this one speaker isn't the only one who's asked for it.) I was told that yes we did. But when I tell that to the boss I deal with most, his response was basically that he never got the information. WTF am I supposed to do?!?!?! He complains when I call him about this stuff, but the information never gets to him if I don't.


Things like this just make me want to curl up in a ball and let everything go to pieces. But with my luck, I'll get blamed for it when it all falls apart. (Come to think of it, at one point, I was told if this conference failed it would be all my fault.)

Someone shoot me now and put me out of my misery!

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May. 23rd, 2006 05:09 pm More insanity

I just got an email from a speaker (who no one else likes dealing with) asking a ton of questions. Now, this is the day before the conference officially starts. Almost all of our staff is going to the site as I type. The site has crappy cell phone reception. Not exactly the best time...

So the speaker wants to know if she sends pdfs if we could print them and guarantee they are available at the conference. Not bloody likely. I told her I could print them, but not get them there. Well... that wasn't entirely true. I could almost certainly arrange for someone to take them up Friday or Saturday, but it would involve dealing with an ex who does not (and never did) understand the meaning of no and who has crossed many boundaries that I don't think anyone should have to state. 'nuf said on that. (That's a whooooole other story. OMG *rolls eyes*)

And she wants to know if she can get reimbursed if she prints them out herself... Yeah, right. I can't get paid a living wage... hell, I don't even get paid minimum wage when you consider how many hours I put in.

And, there are all sorts of questions I've got no idea about. And why should I. I'm the WEBMASTER, not the conference organizer. (Well, not officially at least... although it does feel like it most days.) How am I supposed to know how many people are going to attend her talk or how many people the room holds? I've never even seen the rooms, nor will I any time soon. (Kids not allowed on site, hence single parents are excluded... or at least single parents in my income bracket.)

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May. 23rd, 2006 12:13 pm AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HATE DEALING WITH PEOPLE WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND COMPUTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So... we have a speaker who is giving a PowerPoint presentation. She informs me today that she realized her laptop doesn't have PowerPoint software, so could we find a laptop she can use. The ... how do I say this tactfully ... person I've been dealing with for the big issues had a basic response of &^$# her... well, not with cursing, but that's the general idea. The other person I have to deal with on speaker needs knows about as much about computers as I know about collectibles... well, probably less. She can't even tell me if she has PowerPoint on her computer and has no idea how to check. *rolls eyes*

I keep getting one person telling me that 1) she'd need to load her software on the laptop (NO! If we have a laptop with PowerPoint, all she needs is her presentation on media the laptop can read.) or well we don't know if she needs a PC or Mac (NO! It doesn't matter. If she can put it on CD it can be used on any computer that has PowerPoint! Terry (my 13 year old son!) did this for a presentation at school. Used a PC to create the presentation, presented using a Mac.) or no one will know how to set any of this up it's too complicated (I could talk someone through just about any issue they are likely to run into, or the staff at the location should be able to give them a 5 minute instruction on the specifics.) I've used PowerPoint demonstrations in all sorts of setups from simple to complicated. I KNOW there has got to be SOME way to resolve this issue.... But do they listen to me????

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May. 20th, 2006 05:32 pm Work woes

OMG! I am going to have to change my job description on the website I'm managing for a conference. Apparently I've gone from Webmaster to Webmaster, Online/Internet Registrar, Speaker Liason/hand-holder, Email composer, Scheduler, Copywriter, Proofreader, Answering Service, Information relay service, Survey writer, Maintainer of all contact information, and general purpose wage slave. Now if only the increased job responsibilities came with a corresponding increase in pay....

This is nuts. I'm doing just about every job there is to do from here... (I won't make the actual conference). I seem to know more about what is going on than the people running the *cough* thing. The other staff sent out letters to speakers (obvious generic form letter -- not even their names!) to try to find out scheduling information. Wednesday I was working until 9:30 pm(!!! and me with two kids with 8 pm bedtimes!!) calling speakers and setting up the schedule. I sent out personalized letters to all the speakers we scheduled that night and a followup email the next day. Since then I have been dealing with email and phone calls and making nice with everyone. My boss said at one point he wasn't going to have anyone else call me. Today I get a call from someone who registered for the conference who has a problem. *My boss* told her to call me. This is someone I have never dealt with before! (I've handled those who've registered via PayPal only... I don't even maintain the list of attendees!)

I've been dealing with all sorts of *cough cough* from speakers that I got the wrong information for. DON'T BLAME ME! IT'S WHAT I WAS TOLD BY THE ... rest of the staff. And then I get *cough* .. criticized for web work I've done not being clear enough when I did EXACTLY WHAT I WAS TOLD TO DO and they FLAT OUT REFUSED (no discussion, no chance for me to explain my ideas, just "NO") my suggestions for how to present the information.

What I don't get is why they are so lost as to why I'm getting frustrated by all this. And this doesn't even begin to get into some of the wonderful stuff I've been subjected to.

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Aug. 18th, 2005 07:40 pm Random stuff

I just realized I haven't updated my LJ in ages...

Let's see... what new news is there...

My daughter got into the gifted and talented program at school!!!

Ummm... ok. Nothing else really exciting....

I came across the LJ of the daughter of a friend. It was really interesting. A couple of times she talks about her parents and I can so totally see her parents doing what she talks about. I'm really impressed with her, although I haven't seen her or her parents in ages so I've got no idea what's been going on with them at all.

Child support issues still suck big time. No surprise, right. The ex is only about $2100 behind in support payments.

I have so wasted today playing around web surfing instead of working. Although, to be honest, I'm not exactly sure what sort of work I'm supposed to be doing. I keep getting conflicting stories. Or getting asked to do stuff and not given the material I need to do it... grrr.

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Mar. 13th, 2004 08:32 pm I HATE spam

Just went to pull in mail from my daughter's account to screen out spam. Since the last time I pulled it in she's gotten 499 messages... I haven't found one that's not spam yet...

How the f*** does she get on these lists?!?!?

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Mar. 13th, 2004 07:28 pm Signs of a self-absorbed non-custodial parent

This is a response to a list of signs of "vindictive single mothers" I found on the web somewhere....

* Doesn't know his children's birthdates even though he was there for the labor and delivery and celebrated several birthdays with the kids. (I use male pronouns here because frankly I can't see a mom being able to forget several hours of excruciating labor.) This is especially the case when the birthdates are forgotten within months of celebrating these several years of birthdays.

* States that eir only concern with child support payments is "minimizing expenses".

* Doesn't contact eir kids even though e has current address, phone and email addresses.

* Complains about not being able to see eir kids while making no attempt to make contact.

* Doesn't know what eir kids are interested in or involved in.

* Moves out of the community without telling anyone including the courts (to avoid child support collection) or the custodial parent or the kids.

* Parents other children while attempting to avoid supporting the kids e already has.

* Intercepts and opens mail and keeps mail intended for custodial parent.

* Has no clue as to the current medical conditions of kids.

* Denies medical conditions of kids in order to "minimize expenses".

* Doesn't attempt to contact child or hospital (to assertain condition)when child is admitted to a hospital for several days.

* Doesn't keep medical insurance updated and current for kids in contradiction of medical support order.

* Doesn't follow up when eir medical insurance fails to pay a hefty medical bill (contrary to medical support order).

* Brags about how e can't have eir wages garnished or deliberately attempts to make it impossible to have eir wages garnished as ordered in a child support order.

* Fails to notify court of employment status as ordered in a child support order to avoid wage garnishment.

* Brags about how e deliberately arranged to avoid having taxes garnished to pay for child support by under paying taxes.

* Lies about employablity or employment status to avoid paying child support.

* Owns expensive toys (TiVo, new car, etc.) while not providing anything for children beyond (or including) court ordered child support payments.

* Has no pictures of kids.

* Doesn't ask about kids when the custodial parent contacts em.

* Doesn't contact custodial parent to inquire about kids status.

* Doesn't talk about kids, other than to complain about paying child support.

* Accuses custodial parent of "stalking" when the custodial parent tries to find information on the internet to facilitate child support collections.

* Brags about how e will stop child support payments for eir disabled child when the child turns 18 regardless of whether eir child is then able to care for emself.

* Threatens to fight for custody of kids only to attempt to get custodial parent to do what e wants.

* Shows no interest or desire to keep any of the kids in family home when other parent leaves the home.

* Claims the custodial parent has made unfounded accusations of abuse when there is a record of accusations of abuse made by multiple members of the community against em.

* Complains about the amount of child support the state says e should pay for eir kids.

* Children lack discipline and respect. (This actually comes straight from the other list... I figure it takes more than one person to raise a child and the deliberate absence of a parent is as likely a cause as any other.)

* Custodial parent is on welfare, particularly if child support is not paid regularly and/or the care of the children prevents the custodial parent from getting regular employment.

* Lets other people take the place of em in eir children's lives.

* Looks to find other people's children to replace eir children and/or create other children to replace eir children.

* Ignores or denies any strain on custodial parent for raising eir kids.

Now, I could go on and on, but I think the point is made. It takes two people to create a child. BOTH parents have a responsibility to see the child is cared for. Any parent who tries to alienate emself or the other parent from the kids is doing the kids a disservice. Any parent whose only concern is money is doing eir kids a disservice. Deadbeat parents have a bad reputation for good reasons. There are good non-custodial parents and bad ones. There are good custodial parents and bad ones. For those of you who see yourself or ones you love in this list, I apologize. Unfortunately the ones that get hurt most are the kids.

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Nov. 6th, 2003 12:15 pm

Have I ever mentioned I HATE waiting??

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